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3923 88th Street NE
Suite J/K
Marysville, WA 98270

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Who are we?

ma·trix [mey-triks, ma-] noun, plural ma·tri·ces [mey-tri-seez, ma-]

something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form, or develops.

Our name says it all! Have an idea for a cool printed shirt or a killer embroidered design? Bring it to us. For the past 20 years we’ve been the launching point for many brilliant designs. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our work, but also on the service we provide.

Simply put, we continually strive to be the best!

Wilcom ATC

Wilcom ATC Program

We are the only Wilcom Authorized Training Center in the Pacific NW!

Classes can be scheduled in a group or one-on-one -- learn at YOUR pace.

Contact Terry for pricing and scheduling your training.

What can we do for you?

Contract Embroidery

In-House Digitizing

Direct-to-garment Printing

Screen Printing

Need a logo digitized but already have an embroiderer? Our digitizing department works with ASI companies across the country -- let us professionally digitize your logo for you!

Call us for a quote on your next project -- we look forward to working with you!

Stay tuned! Our Gallery page is under construction!